Ryan Caligiuri
Resilience Development Specialist, Host of The Resilience Prescription, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Doggy Daddy.

Ryan Caligiuri, FOunder, Create Your 8™

Resilience Development Specialist


My Purpose: To Eradicate Stress-Induced Depression.

in 2015, I began working with a company and hired an all-star team of sales and marketing professionals who were going to take the company to the next level. After setting them up to succeed I came back 6-months later only to find the team was broken and couldn’t generate any results to save their job.

What happened to this once powerful team of confident go-getters? They had all the tools, systems, and support to succeed, so what was it?

They lost their ability to bounce back from setbacks and allowed their circumstances to define them.

I didn’t come to that conclusion right away as I tested different sales and marketing approaches. Once I discovered that the issue wasn’t a sales or marketing issue but a resilience issue, I started on my path to building a solution.

Today, I work directly with 30 people a year from a wide-array of background from CEOs and VPs, to managers, admin staff, and husbands and wives of leaders. Now in it’s third year, Create Your 8™ has seen 90 people go through the program as they dedicate themselves for 12-months to building a resilient mindset as they build up resistance and coping strategies against the many stresses that we face in the world today.

Everyday, we MUST fight to not just have a good day, but instead we must fight to MAKE our day GR8.






Why You Should Commit to Create Your 8™

Learn and Adopt the 4 Pillars of Resilience

The key to building resilience is in understanding and applying the 4 pillars of resilience. After learning and applying the 4 pillars every week, you will train yourself to become more resilient and educated on how to build resilience.

Unlock Higher Levels of Creativity

It’s incredibly difficult to be creative when under high levels of stress. Create Your 8™ will help you cope with those stressors and build resilience so that you are no longer bogged down by the stress that suffocates creativity in marketing and product development.

Learn and Apply coping strategies

Develop Your own Time Management System


Increase self-awareness with the CY8 Scale

Learn to use the Create Your 8™ scale as a way to gain better control over your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. By understanding, calibrating and using your CY8 scale, you will quickly learn exactly how to MAKE your day GR8.

REduce the Layering of Stress

Stress from work and home tend to layer on top of one another until it builds to impact the body and mind in negative ways. Create Your 8™ will help you unravel the negative thoughts in your mind to help you gain clarity.

Learn and Adopt the 4 Pillars of Resilience

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Increase consistency, intensity, & drive

Sales is the lifeblood of every organization and those on the front line need to have a high level of resilience to stay intense, drive new opportunities and close them as they place more calls, emails, book more meetings on their way to making budget every quarter.

Achieve new standards in health & fitness

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Develop a PMA & Learn to Fight Your ANTs

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We’re all trying to be happy, but if we want to build long-term happiness we must first build our resilience.
— Ryan Caligiuri, Founder


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