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About Ryan Caligiuri

Before the standard bio, I want to tell you something…

Pre-2008 I was just a regular marketer using tools, writing press releases, editing websites,  focusing on metrics – you know – I was just a marketing guy.

But when the recession hit it all changed, I changed.

I worked with a number of companies and saw peer after peer get escorted out the door because the SMBs they worked for weren’t making enough money to keep them on staff. I went to their houses, went out for coffee, went for walks to see how they were doing. It wasn’t pretty. Times were tough for businesses. Times were even harder for families who didn’t have enough money to buy groceries (seriously, not enough money to eat). After mulling these stories over for months I knew I had to be better at recognizing weaknesses in SMBs, I had to work longer, read more, find mentors, solve more problems, I had to become more than just a regular marketer…I needed to understand how to grow a business.

The reason for all of this…the reason I write, why I have this site, why I build new products, why I work from 7am to 3am five to six days a week, is because everyday I think about the mistakes companies made that resulted in mass layoffs and I don’t want to live through that again. And it wasn’t because they were bad employees, it was because the businesses they worked for didn’t do all the things they needed in order to diversify, be more competitive, get into new markets, generate leads and build new sources of revenue.

You want to know why I wake up in the morning and what gets me through long days…that’s it.

Now onto the standard bio…

Ryan Caligiuri is a growth strategist who works with companies in hyper-competitive marketplaces that want to increase leads and demand to fill their pipeline, that need help breaking into or taking control of already established markets, when there’s a need to create more revenue streams or a need to become more influential in the marketplace. His strategies have been used by organizations from a wide array of industries ranging from technology and telecommunications to government and gaming.

Caligiuri is the Director of Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS) with the International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP™) where he works with experts from around the world to develop and manage the world’s first marketing designation – the Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP™).

Caligiuri is a national columnist with The Globe and Mail developing a monthly column and hosting a live discussion once a month for small to medium sized businesses all around the world who are having difficulties growing their companies. Caligiuri has also been featured in a variety of other national publications from Profit Magazine to Rogers Connected for Business.

Caligiuri is also the founder of The Growth Network, a subscription based, training and mentoring program designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to grow their small-to-medium sized businesses and marketers who want the skills to drive growth in the companies they work for. The Growth Network is designed to teach the key fundamentals, frameworks and strategies that are needed to grow in hyper-competitive marketplaces.

An entrepreneur, speaker and writer, Caligiuri has led organizations to the top of national award lists, developed competitive advantages designed to overtake the competition, he has brought companies to the front covers of internationally distributed publications, the front of the line in client’s minds and has been a catalyst of growth for small to medium sized companies all around the world.