What is CY8?

Create Your 8 (CY8) is a philosophy used by teams and individuals to help them gauge their current levels of satisfaction and happiness. The goal of CY8 is to increase awareness of their current mood and provide them with the tactics to help them get to their optimal state of daily happiness - an 8/10.

Why CY8?

Mental health is top of mind in schools, businesses, and homes and Every day that we aren’t at our best, we waste our time, miss out on opportunities, and cut ourselves short of reaching our full potential. Whether you’re a business professional and in sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, IT, operations, etc, a student, parent, or kid, CY8 helps everyone gain perspective, refocus, and make the best of their day, every day.

How to CY8 (Free)

Every morning when you wake up, you start at a 5/10. The first thought you have or action you take will either push you up towards your 8 or bring you down. Your job, as someone who is driven to optimize your current state, is to take control of your day from the very beginning by taking actions and thinking thoughts that propel you up to an 8 and not lower.

There are a multitude of different tactics and approaches you can use to CY8. The best ways to understand HOW to CY8 is to subscribe to the Create Your 8 show on YouTube or subscribe to The Cut the Crap Show. Both resources are run by Ryan Caligiuri and designed to fill your mind with information on how to build mental toughness and resilience.

The CY8 Scale

The CY8 scale is based on a system of 1-10:

10 - these moments happen RARELY in life. For example, winning the lottery, having a kid, or beating cancer and getting a new lease on life.

9 - these are rare, but happen more often than 10s. For example, you get to you vacation destination or you’re celebrating an event with family and friends

8 - this is what we should aspire to every day. At 8 you are feeling confident, grateful, happy, and inspired and don’t have a lot weighing on your mind because you’ve taken appropriate actions or used specific coping strategies to manage them.

7 - this is a good place to be, but there is room for improvement somewhere. You may be feeling good at this point but something is still off. Perhaps you have something in your mind you haven’t addressed or you’re not feeling exactly confident, grateful, happy, or inspired. You may only hit a maximum of 7 if you have something weighing on your mind you’re not dealing with.

6 - this is a good place to be if you are waking up first thing in the morning but not somewhere to stay all day. At 6 you’re just above the halfway mark but you have to work to get your mind in a peak state. Again, similar to 7 you may have something you haven’t addressed or many things you haven’t addressed which keeps you from hitting a 7 or 8. This is common for a lot of people fighting certain stresses such as stress related to a relationship, work, money, health, fitness, family, etc.

5 - This is your starting point every morning as soon as you wake up. It’s where you decide to either CY8 or allow life to happen to you and be a victim of whatever comes your way and feeding the negativity that’s around you. At 5, you’re indifferent. This isn’t a place to stay for long as nothing great was ever accomplished at a 5.

4 - This is the beginning of a negative mental attitude (NMA). At this point you may have allowed something to get to you and it’s made you angry, sad, frustrated, embarrassed, shy, jealous, pessimistic, helpless, stressed, or unmotivated.

3 - This is where the feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, embarrassment, shyness, jealousy, stress, or a lack of motivation have gotten the best of you and you may now feel apathetic, you may stop caring about certain aspects of your life you once valued, or you be wallowing in sadness.. You stop working out because it’s too hard to get up and go right now, you eat crappy food because it makes you feel good, you stop going out because you close in, you take less care of your appearance because you just don’t care, you argue more because you’re mad at the world or the people who love you the most. This is a scary place to be because it can be a downward spiral if you stay here too long. BUT there is a lot of hope for you as you CAN bounce back.

2 - At this point, you’re likely to be clinically depressed and have very little desire to do anything. You may find yourself staying in bed all day, you may be overeating or not eating at all, you may find yourself crying more often and feel worthless. At this stage, you should be seeking out the help of a professional, such as a therapist, to get you back to living life with enthusiasm.

1- At this stage, help is absolutely critical. For people who sit at a 1 they are suicidal, abusing drugs, or self-harming, Professional help is not only critical, but the help of authorities may also be required if someone finds themselves at a 1.

How to CY8 (Paid)

If you’re looking to Create Your 8 in life and business, you can work directly with Ryan. Visit the Work With Ryan section to learn more!