#104 - Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work with Susan Peppercorn

Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work Summary

Are you looking for more in your career than a paycheck? What does it take to find job satisfaction? So many of us are feeling stressed out, taken for granted, and unhappy at work: the constant pressure, the reorganizations, the politics—do you feel as though you have nothing left to give? Whether you feel a mild dissatisfaction or an intense dislike for your current job, the goal is clear: to find your passion. But to find the right career, you have to let go of the critical inner voice that tells you that you’ll be happier if you make more money, work harder or reach the next promotion. At some point, you’ll need to rethink your assumptions about your career and take a new approach.

Golden Nuggets From Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work

Golden Nugget #1 - Striving for Perfection is a Flaw [8.10]

Golden Nugget #2 - What Causes People to Make Poor Career Decisions? [12.25]

Golden Nugget #3 - We All Suffer From the Imposter Syndrome [17.19]

Golden Nugget #4 - How to Find Meaning In Your Wok [25.50]

Golden Nugget #5 - How to Leverage the Power of Positive Self-Talk [29.55]

Golden Nugget #6 - How to Deal with Failure in the Workplace [34.30]

Golden Nugget #7 - What to do When Your Boss is an Ass [37.19]

Golden Nugget #8 - The Most Impactful Piece of Career Advice [45.50]

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