#114 - How to Find Fulfilling Work with Roman Krznaric

How to Find Fulfilling Work Summary

Find life-enhancing work and realise your potential with this enlightening read. The desire for fulfilling work is one of the great aspirations of our age and this inspirational book reveals how one might make it a reality. It explores the competing claims we face for money and status while doing something meaningful and in tune with our talents. Drawing on wisdom about work that is to be found in sociology, psychology, history and philosophy, Roman Krznaric sets out a practical and innovative guide to negotiating the labyrinth of choices, overcoming the fear of change, and finding a career that makes you thrive.

Golden Nuggets From How to Find Fulfilling Work

Golden Nugget #1 - We're dissatisfied when our expectations of work are not met [7.00]

Golden Nugget #2 - If your career path is not fulfilling change it [11.30]

Golden Nugget #3 - Money and status will not fulfill you. Making a difference does! [17.50]

Golden Nugget #4 - Find your flow experiences and that THING that excites you [29.45]

Golden Nugget #5 -  Seek freedom  [36.00]

Golden Nugget #6 -  To find fulfilling work we need to overcome our fears [43.00]

How to Find Fulfilling Work Recording

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