#117 - Moments of Impact with Lisa Kay Solomon

Moments of Impact Summary

Two leading experts on designing strategic conversations unveil a simple, creative process that allows teams to tackle their most challenging issues.

In our fast-changing world, leaders are increasingly confronted by messy, multifaceted challenges that require collaboration to resolve. But the standard methods for tackling these challenges—meetings packed with data-drenched presentations or brainstorming sessions that circle back to nowhere—just don’t deliver. 

Great strategic conversations generate breakthrough insights by combining the best ideas of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. In this book, two experts “crack the code” on what it takes to design creative, collaborative problem-solving sessions that soar rather than sink. 

Golden Nuggets From Moments of Impact

Golden Nugget #1 - We are living in a VUCA world [8.20]

Golden Nugget #2 - Use strategic conversations to deal with the VUCA world [11.10]

Golden Nugget #3 - Define the purpose [15.35]

Golden Nugget #4 - Engage multiple perspectives [19.40]

Golden Nugget #5 -  Frame the issues [26.10]

Golden Nugget #6 -  Think INSIDE the box [29.40]

Golden Nugget #7 - Set the scene [34.10]

Golden Nugget #8 - Make your conversation and experience [40.30]

Golden Nugget #9 - Create a narrative arc [43.00]

Moments of Impact Recording

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