Ryan Caligiuri
Resilience Development Specialist, Host of The Resilience Prescription, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Doggy Daddy.



Create Your 8 (CY8): The Method That Drives Resilience and Mental Toughness

In this talk, Ryan shares insights with the audience on how our minds are under constant attack by negativity, insecurity, and challenges in the workplace that has made it difficult for people to bring their best selves to work everyday and he provides an incredible approach to removing those stresses.

Ryan believes that leaders in organizations today need to do better to support their people and their mental health in order to get the very best results out of them and believes the current methods for performance improvement are broken.

Ryan works with companies who face issues with depression, anxiety, fear, high stress, and even drug usage and suicide. As a result, Ryan created the CY8 method and teaches professionals in all roles how to not only manage their mindsets to get the absolute BEST out of every day but to also create a culture of resilient and mental toughness so they are able to take more control of their minds and not fall victim to mental health issues in the workplace.

Attendees of Ryan’s talk will walk away learning:

  • Ryan’s own story for how we created the CY8 method

  • The power of resilience and mental toughness

  • What the CY8 method is all about

  • How to use the CY8 method

  • Powerful stories of the CY8 method in action

All Business is Show Business: The Little Known Strategy Used to Drive Surprising Results in Sales and Marketing

In this talk, Ryan discusses the difficulties that sales and marketing professionals face with breaking through the noise to generate opportunities for their business. Ryan offers a surprising strategy that has generated remarkable results for his clients that you just have to hear to believe.

While that last statement might seem like hyperbole, you will quickly learn that it’s not. This approach has worked better than any prospecting or marketing approach that this clients put into action to expand and deepen their customer/client pool.

While some have dabbled with this strategy at some point and found no results, Ryan quickly shares where companies have gone wrong and how to best use it to build a preeminent brand while driving sales objectives at the same time.

Attendees of Ryan’s talk will walk away learning:

  • The little known strategy use to drive results in sales & marketing

  • How to use this strategy

  • Why this strategy works today

  • A multitude of engaging stories on how this strategy has driven results

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of this strategy

  • 7 ways to win with this strategy as soon as you leave the talk